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2022年 第九屆 華冠獎 選拔辦法

2022 The 9th HuaKung Award


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華冠獎得主聯誼會主委 林梅燕/Huaguan Award Friendship Committee Convener

華冠獎得主聯誼會主委 林梅燕


芳德鑄鋁股份有限公司 董事長

林世芳社會福利基金會 董事長

美砌生活館           監察人

世界十大傑出華商婦女華冠獎 第六屆得主

2016年 榮獲彰化幸福企業五星獎

2021年 榮獲第三十屆國家磐石獎

立足於台灣 發揚於全世界






Chairwoman of Huaguan Award Winners Association Mayer Lin

President of Founder Aluminum Co.                 

President of Lin Shih- Fang Charity Welfare Foundation                            

Director Supervisor of Matchlife Co.                                                

The 6th Winner of Top Ten Global Outstanding Chinese Business Women Award by GFCBW                     

Winner of 2016 Happy Enterprise Award Changhua County 

Winner of 2021 National Award of Outstanding Small Medium Enterprises ROC Taiwan

Based in Taiwan, carrying forward in the world 

With the recommendation of Chairwoman Monica Chuang, I was invited to join the “GFCBW”. Again, I was so fortunate to be encouraged by the members of the evaluation committee to win the 6th Huaguan Award commendation, which has made me have an inseparable relationship with GFCBW since then. The Huaguan Award was founded in 2001 by Chairwoman Jui-chin Ko Tu, the Founding Chairwoman of the Association, with the aim of making the talents of Chinese businesswomen around the world visible, and later on becoming a role model for Chinese women globally. The winners of the annual Huaguan Award are elites from all walks of life, and I have learned a lot from them. GFCBW is a rather remarkable organization; it has been deeply cultivated at home and abroad for 29 years under the leadership of Chairwoman Jui-chin Ko Tu. Furthermore, with successive enthusiastic Chairwomen who have managed to promote GFCBW to the world; there are 79 branches worldwide, each of them playing a key role in promoting the ideas of GFCBW. GFCBW is even more outstanding in the fields of public welfare, charity, overseas Chinese affairs and diplomacy. Where there is a need, there are figures of the GFCBW sisters that make the best model of feeding back to society. The winners of the Huaguan Award may be called the comprehensive complex framework of the talents and the knowledge tank of "GFCBW." In order to fully reflect the sincere feedback of the winners, through the Huaguan Award Winners Association’s emotional cohesion, integrated strength, and positive arrangement, the global GFCBW sisters have the opportunity to learn from the winners’ entrepreneurship, operations, management, and innovation in response to the trend changes of the times. Furthermore, the shared experience of the winners allows the sisters around the world to broaden their knowledge through this organizational learning force that helps the sisters to grow up in excellence, and drives the GFCBW confederation continue to move forward and achieve a cycle of goodness. It is a great honor to take the responsibility as a Chairwoman of the 9th Huaguan Award Winners Association thanks to the invitation of Chairwoman Monica Chuang with the affirmation of Chairwoman Jui-chin Ko Tu. I also want to acknowledge the great contributions of Honorary Chairwoman Nancy Shih, the honorary Chairwomen of previous terms, and all the prior Huaguan Award winners and GFCBW sisters. In the future, on the basis of the establishment of successive Chairwomen, I will lead the winners and sisters to exchange views and learn from each other, devote myself to the Chinese business sisters, and be a solid support for Chairwoman Chuang. I would like to extend my sincere welcome to the world's outstanding female entrepreneurs to participate actively in the selection of winners of the Huaguan Award and to strive for their own glory in the struggle and achievements in life.