總會長 陳阡蕙

Sherry Chen


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名譽總會長/Honorary Chairwoman

名譽總會長 劉琍綺


世界華人工商婦女企管協會 第十屆總會長

安勤科技股份有限公司 董事長

世界十大傑出華商婦女華冠獎 第三屆得主

國際扶輪社 3500 地區鳳凰扶輪社 2015- 2016 社長

心手相連 共榮世華

世界華人工商婦女企管協會自1994年創立至今已27個年頭,創會的目的是為來自台灣的女性企業家建立國際性交流平台,是一個全球最大的優質國際婦女社團。從創立初期的篳路藍縷,到現在全球已有74個分會遍佈全球三大洋六大洲。在創會總會長柯杜瑞琴與歷屆總會長多年悉心經營發展下,我們努力以柔軟的女力,從台灣出發走到世界的版圖上,讓全世界都能看到台灣女力的堅韌。經過 27 年來的發展,世華在全球各地發光發熱,也吸引了許多優秀的女性企業家加入行列,在海內外僑界已具知名度,已是僑台商婦女菁英最佳的交流平台。每年總會及各分會的會長交接典禮上,姊妹皆共襄盛舉,分享喜樂並凝聚情誼。


參與世華活動以來,看到姊妹們的熱情與關懷付出,在認真打拼事業之餘,都能投身公益、造福社會,是一群溫馨、熱情有愛心的女性企業。期許大家繼續攜手同心,共同學習成長,透過世華這組織平台分享資源,貢獻經驗,展現長才,發展經貿,更進而發揮愛心回饋國家 社會,豐富生命的價值。

值此一年一度的年會聚會,大家一同見證《世華》越發壯大,也齊聲祝福《世華》名揚 世界,姊妹們健康、平安、喜樂 ! 繼續以心懷世界的胸懷,活出真、善、美的美麗人生!


Honorary Chairwoman Alice Liu


The 10th Chairwoman of GFCBW

Chairwoman of Avalue Technology Incorporation

The 3rd winner of Top Ten Global Outstanding Chinese Business Women Award by GFCBW

President of the 2015-2016 Taoyuan Phoenix Rotary Club, Rotary International

Connect Hearts and hands Glory to GFCBW

It has been 27 years since the establishment of the GFCBW in 1994. The purpose of the establishment was to establish an international exchange platform for Taiwanese female entrepreneurs. It is now the world's largest elite international women's association. Since the early difficult days of its establishment, there are now 74 chapters around the world spanning across three oceans and six continents. With years of management and careful development by the founding Chairwoman Mrs. Jui Chin Ko Tu and the previous Chairwomen, we dedicated with the Soft Women’s Power working hard to start from Taiwan to the world map, presented the perseverance of Taiwan Women’s Power, in order to be seen all the world. After 27 years of development, GFCBW has shined around the world and attracted many outstanding female entrepreneurs to join its ranks. It’s highly well-known in the domestic and overseas Chinese community and has also achieved the best exchange platform for elite overseas Chinese and Taiwanese businesswomen. Every Annual Conference meeting, Ceremony of the Chairwoman, and each chapter’s ceremony are participated joyously by many sisters celebrating friendship and success.

The 11th Chairwoman Sherry Chen has both moral integrity and wisdom; gentle yet tough character; and besides her success in business, she has love and compassion for society, and even more, for the nation. She is a hard worker, loves helping others, and is constantly in pursuit of the substantial connotations and the taste of New Era woman. Chairwoman Sherry Chen has lived in South Africa for more than 30 years. She started from a part-time job to achieve great career success, has served as a member of the South African Parliament for 12 years, and has also served as the chief executive officer of the ACC (Amitofo Care Centre Association) for 12 years. She has made immense contributions to national society. I am very excited that GFCBW could have such a Chairwoman who is passionate and willing to contribute both financially and personally to the world's GFCBW sisters. I believe that GFCBW will be able to achieve great heights under her excellent leadership.

Since participating in GFCBW activities, I have seen the enthusiasm and care of the sisters. Apart from working hard in their careers, all of them also participate in public welfare that benefits society. They are a group of warm, enthusiastic, passionate, and caring female entrepreneurs. We hope that everyone continues to work, learn, and grow together, share resources and experiences, demonstrate long-term talents, develop economics and trade through the GFCBW platform, and most importantly, give back to the country and society with love and with the aim of enriching the value of life.

On this occasion of the Annual Conference meeting, we can all witness the growth of "GFCBW" together and wish "GFCBW" to become famous around the world. I wish the sisters good health, peace and joy ! Let us continue to envision the world and live a beautiful life with “truth, kindness, and beauty”!

I wish GFCBW sisters business success, good health, and happiness.