總會長 陳阡蕙

Sherry Chen


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名譽總會長/Honorary Chairwoman

名譽總會長 陳上春


美加文化實業股份有限公司 董事長

中華民國留學服務商業同業公會 05-11理事長

國際扶輪社3520地區北安扶輪社 04-05社長

世界十大傑出華商婦女華冠獎 第二屆得主

台北市世界華人工商婦女企管協會 創會會長

世界華人工商婦女企管協會 第八屆總會長 (2013-2016)

台北市家扶中心委員 21 年

世華光芒 照亮世界




世華經歷27年的菁英交棒與傳承,在歷屆總會團隊及全球姐妹共同努力下,遍及全球的74個分會發展蓬勃,凝聚高階華人女性菁英貢獻所長,並深耕僑居國主流社會,扮演我國政 府外交上的推手與橋樑,更致力於以公益慈善回饋世界,一年復一年的共襄盛舉,照顧同胞,傳愛世界。駐足回首,一路走來種種榮耀與光芒,來自你我姐妹們對世華理念的熱情與堅定,無私奉獻與辛勤耕耘,使星光雲集,能夠照亮他人,而且我深信,無畏艱難險阻,只要姐妹 在一起,華人女力將繼續發光發熱,照亮世界。我深以世華為榮,世華愛我,我愛世華。

Honorary Chairwoman Teresa Chen


Merica Chain Group President

Director of Overseas Study Abroad Services Association President of 2005-2011

Rotary International 3520 - Bei-An Area President of 2004-2005

The 2nd winner of Top Ten Global Outstanding Chinese Business Women Award by GFCBW

GFCBW Taipei Chapter Founding Chairwoman

The 8th Chairwoman of GFCBW 2013-2016 

Taipei Family Helper (T.F.C.F.) Committee member for 21 years

GFCBW Shine Illuminates the World

2020 marks the GFCBW's 10th World Conference meeting and 8th World Top Ten Outstanding Chinese Businesswomen Award, but it has been a tough year for the world. The impact of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed people's lives, putting a stop to everything and everyone, but it has not discouraged the GFCBW sisters from connecting with each other in spirit, even though they are separated by thousands of miles. The friendship is strong, and the great love remains constant; this is truly admirable.

Since the 10th Chairwoman Alice Liu came on board, she has devoted herself to creating an efficient administrative system for the GFCBW from the perspective of operating an international enterprise. She also established the "CEO Academy" which provides a platform for communication, brand marketing, and skills enriching, in order for ideas and concept to be carried out and implemented, which in turn allows economic and trade exchanges to be shared and businesses to prosper. Chairwoman Alice Liu has also travelled around the world in these two years, establishing various additional chapters including the Greater Los Angeles Chapter, the Utah Chapter, other big cities in the United States, and the Christchurch Chapter in New Zealand. In addition she created a comprehensive exchange network; by also establishing the TaoYuan City Chapter, the HuaLien Chapter, the NanTou Chapter, the Yi-Lan Chapter, the Chia-Yi Chapter and the New Taipei City HuaYi Chapter. All her efforts have expanded the global organization layout into 74 Chapters.

Chairwoman Sherry Chen, who will be taking over from Chairwoman Alice Liu, started from scratch in South Africa. She has been elected to the country's parliament many times and is the mouthpiece for the people. She also has many years of experience in associations such as the World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce and the Africa Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce. She is also involved in the care of Amitofo Care Center (ACC), caring for African orphans and disadvantaged groups for many years. Chairwoman Sherry Chen sees the world, swords and shoe, and is confident that under her leadership, she will not only promote Global Chinese Women's Welfare but also create a new positive energy with all worldwide sisters.

In the past 27 years since its inception, the GFCBW has inherited and possessed quality leadership, vast expertise, and invaluable experience. With the joint efforts of the previous executive teams and global sisters, there are now 74 Chapters flourishing around the world, gathering high-level Chinese women elites to contribute their talents, and making footprints in the mainstream society of the overseas Chinese community. Privileged to be acting as the bridge and impetus for Chinese government's and enhancing diplomacy, we are also committed to giving back to the world through public welfare and charity. Year after year to we come together, taking care of compatriots and spreading love to the world. Looking back, all the glory and shine have come from the enthusiasm and determination of all sisters in believing GFCBW's philosophy, in their selfless dedication and hard work, and in helping each other illuminate and shine. I know without a doubt that there are no difficulties that is unconquerable as long as all the sisters stand together. Chinese Women's power will continue to shine and illuminate the world. I am deeply proud of GFCBW.

GFCBW loves me, and I love GFCBW.