總會長 黎淑瑛

Chairwoman-Li, Shu Ying


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2017 Houston Annual Conference


Ex Chairwoman


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HuaKung Award Collage



名譽總會長/Honorary Chairwoman

名譽總會長 陳上春


美加文化實業股份有限公司 董事長

世界華人工商婦女企管協會總會 第八屆總會長

中華民國留學服務商業同業公會 創理事長



薪火心傳 「世華」典範永流傳







Honorary Chairwoman Teresa Chen


Merica Chain Group President

Overseas Study Abord Services Association Director 

Rotary International 3520 Beian Area President

Top Ten Global Outstanding chinese Business Women by GFCBW

Passing the Spirit on to Generation”GFCBW”Canonical Forever 

        Global Federation of Chinese Business Women (GFCBW), an elite organization fully owned by Chinese Professional Women. With 23 years of deliberation and diligence, GFCBW is not only a celebrated brand name amongst Chinese and Women, even more it is the best platform for expending globalized vision and life configuration.

        With the support of fellow sisters, the 8th team took over the duty of directing the organization. To live up the expectation of all social circles, the team works together actively not only creating but also enlarges the organization territory. GFCBW not only having Taoyuan County, New Taipei City, Chinese Star Chapter, Taichung Hua Fong Chapter, and Vietnam as part of the big family, with Hsinchu County on board in the near future, Argentina branch has rejoining the big family making GFCBW even stronger.

        Together  we  have accomplished the  ten-years plan of  Overseas Scholarship  to students with  financial  support  requirement,  donations  of  digital  print  of the  7th Continental Watercolor Art Hwa-Yang Award to Culture centers of Taipei Econmic and Cultural Office and supporting of the Exhibition tour in North America, and attending of Educational Charity activity “Teach for Taiwan (TFT)”aiming to provide opportunity to receive education which may open door to a different path. With the full support of sisters, the charitable activities are aiming to cultivating high-quality of the next generation through Art and education, to set root and beautify the community.

        Our team has been nose on the grindstone for the development and inheritance of the organization, with all the challenges and enormous pressure, we make all-out effort on all the planning from the strategized director and supervisor meeting, development courses in Hua Kuang Academy and Hua Kuang Business Forum, Overseas Festivals, and the chapter visits and official courtesy visits. Our best motivation is the guidance and provision of fellow participants.

        In three years of job and dedication, Teresa has a deeper indulgent of the mission of GFCBW, and more gratitude the step by step sowing work under the guidance of the honorary Presidents, toward the achievement of the beautiful and rich land. Behind the shiny branding of GFCBW, there is the selflessness offer of all. Each every member is the base to which the organization develops; the spirits are to be passing on from generation to generation for its eternal lasting. Encouraging sisters to come united, together with desire and strength, attaining everyone, and attaining the model, leading Global Federation of Chinese Business Women the number one interflow world!