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名譽總會長/Honorary Chairwoman

名譽總會長 黃淑慧


世界華人工商婦女企管協會 名譽總會長


鹿鳴創新集團 總裁

北京清華大學 顧問教授

執子之手 共擔共榮


世華今日能在全球三大洋、六大洲創立了74 個分會,受到全球產官學界的高度肯定與讚美,其榮耀歸功每一屆總會長於任期中皆以無比的創新,以絕對的行動力率領一群擁有才華、熱情又願意默默奉獻犧牲的姐妹們長時間耕耘付出的成果。


猶記 2001 年淑慧與陳阡蕙總會長因著榮獲第一屆「華冠獎」而結識,近 20 年來的相處,理解她是一位敬業專業、溫柔慈愛且堅強有毅力的全方位領袖人才。

第十一屆總會長陳阡蕙於五六零年代以極高分考上了台大國貿系,從業後因某機緣遠赴南非,數十年的生涯就在南非紮根、把異鄉當故鄉,堅強的渡過一段極為不易的奮鬥歷程,最後不僅事業有成,同時 2000 年更在激烈角逐中當選約翰尼斯堡市議員,進而成為南非歷史上第一位華人婦女的國會議員,真可謂台灣之光。






Honorary Chairwoman Shu Hui Huang


The 6th Chairwoman of Global Federation of Chinese Business Woman

Winner of the 2001 Global Federation of Chinese Business Women Hua-Guan Award

President of Luming Group

Consulting Professor at Tsinghua University

One Person Elected, Two Persons Serving

There is a saying~There is no miracle, no chance, and no fluke for success! Behind every honor, there are endless efforts. Today, GFCBW has established 74 chapters in three oceans and six continents around the world, being highly affirmed and praised by the global industry, government, and academia fields. Its glory is attributed to the unparalleled innovation and absolute action of every Chairwoman during her tenure to lead a group of sisters who are talented, enthusiastic, willing to silently sacrifice, hardworking and dedicated.

Today, global sisters with extremely reverent mood come together to witness the 10th Chairwoman, the talented Alice Liu, who has worked hard during her two years' tenure, to hand over the sacred baton of GFCBW's "Chairwoman" to the 11th Chairwoman, Sherry Chen, who is the exceptionally popular and well-deserving of this position. It is a blessing for GFCBW's global sisters and calls for a celebration.

I still remember Chairwoman Sherry Chen and I came to know each other because of the 1st "Huaguan Award" in 2001. Over the past 20 years, I have come to know her as a dedicated, professional, gentle, loving, strong, and persevering individual with all-round leadership talent.

The 11th Chairwoman Sherry Chen studied in the Department of International Trade and Economics of National Taiwan University. She went to South Africa by chance when she was young. She set down roots in South Africa and for the past few decades, took a foreign land as her hometown whilst going through an extremely difficult struggle. Against all odds, she achieved a successful career, and at the same time, was elected as a councilor of the City of Johannesburg in a fierce competition in 2000. She was also the first Chinese woman member of parliament in the history of South Africa. She is really the light of Taiwan. 

Behind a successful man must be a virtuous wife, and behind a successful woman must be a tolerant husband. Especially touching is that after Chairwoman Sherry Chen was elected as a member of Congress, her husband, Vincent Lin, Big Sun (International Affairs Advisor) was at the peak of the garment industry, he resolutely handed over the career to his son and his son-in-law. Taking over the tasks of unpaid Congress assistants for his wife Sherry Chen at full time, responsible for her schedule, serving government, and the private connection to other heavy tasks. So, Sherry could concentrate on politics. This husband and wife team are deeply affectionate, regardless of career or political management, or even at charity events, the couple is inseparable which is admirable.

Vincent Lin is not only an outstanding individual but is also enthusiastic about charity. He was the Chairwoman of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in South Africa and took over as the CEO of the Amitofo Care Centre Association many years ago. The couple works together to take root in education, support lonely African children to study and cultivate special skills, to improve and change countless lives. This action is also worthy of admiration.

In addition to having a diligent, humble, good in communication and coordination, Chairwoman Sherry, also has the assistance of Vincent Lin who is so willing to fulfill his wife, being the big sun. In the future, GFCBW will create greater glories on the existing foundation.

Again, I congratulate the 10th Chairwoman, Alice Liu, for successfully completing her mission and handing over successfully. I also wish the 11th Chairwoman, Sherry Chen, prosperity in the next two years' tenure.

I wish for today's handover event to be a smooth success, and I also wish the honorable guests and sisters from all over the world many blessings, good health, and happiness. One Person Elected, Two Persons Serving GFCBW, Good Fortune Shu-Hui Huang