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Alice Liu


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名譽總會長/Honorary Chairwoman

名譽總會長 黃淑慧


世界華人工商婦女企管協會 名譽總會長


鹿鳴創新集團 總裁

北京清華大學 顧問教授


        今天是一個充滿了榮耀與喜悅的日子,恭喜黎淑瑛總會長終於完成了神聖的使命,在其短短兩年內表現了她不凡的潛力與毅力,足跡遍及全球,為世華增加了11個分會,光榮卸任。 喜悅的是傳承有人,接任的第十屆總會長劉琍綺不僅是第三屆華冠獎得主,更是一位卓越的企業家及優秀的管理者與領導人。


        今日正式接任的第十屆劉琍綺總會長可說是一位白手起家的成功企業家,在她身上您可以看到她的認真努力、更看到她溫柔美麗的背後更有一股異于常人的毅力與堅持。2000年她創立了主營單板電腦及系統產品的安勤科技, 2010年6月8日正式於臺灣掛牌上市,進入資本市場運作,直到現在她於事業上的成就與成長仍然可圈可點,令人敬佩。難能可貴的是當她榮獲第三屆華冠獎得主後對世華的公益付出與積極地參與更是不遺餘力,期間她也曾擔任華冠獎得主聯誼會會長,今日得到世華全球姐妹的肯定與擁戴絕非偶然。


Honorary Chairwoman Shu Hui Huang


6th Chairwoman of Global Federation of Chinese Business Woman

Winner of the 2001 Global Federation of Chinese Business Women Hua-Guan Award

President of Luming Group

Consulting Professor at Tsinghua University

Let the world rejoice Global Federation of Chinese Business Woman

    Today is a day full of glory and joy. Congratulations to Chairwoman Shu-Ying Li finally fulfilled her sacred mission. In just two years, she has demonstrated her extraordinary potential and perseverance. She has traveled all over the world and added 11 new chapters for GFCBW. Following Shu-Ying Li’s footstep is our upcoming 10th chairwoman, Alice Liu. Alice is not only the winner of the 2007 GFCBW Hua-Guan Award, but also an outstanding entrepreneur and excellent leader.

    Looking back at 2000, I joined this family of GFCBW. I won the very first Hua-Guan Award in 2001, and was the 6th Chairwoman from 2007 to 2010. I witnessed the birth and growth of GFCBW since day 1 as today we have established 65 chapters from all over the world. This success wouldn’t have come by if it weren’t for the great leadership from all our honorary chairwomen as well as the hard work and unity of all our GFCBW sisters globally. All our sisters watered and irrigated in this beautiful garden of GFCBW and spent countless time, energy, as well as money. All efforts have finally made GFCBW an outstanding non-profit organization, and each and every member of GFCBW should feel very proud!

    Alice Liu, who is inaugurating as GFCBW’s 10th chairwoman today, is a successful entrepreneur who started a business from scratch. Once you get to know her, you can see her unyielding and persistence personality under her beautiful ladylike appearance is what made her so reputable today. In 2000, she founded Avalue Technology, which mainly focuses on single-board computer and industrial systems. Avalue Technology was officially listed in Taiwan on June 8, 2010 as it went public. Alice’s achievements in her career are truly remarkable and admirable. What is commendable is that even after she won the 2007 GFCBW Hua-Guan Award, she continued to spare no effort in GFCBW’s charitable contribution and participation. Alice had also served as the president of the Hua-Guan Award, and it was no coincidence that she is well recognized and supported by all GFCBW’s sisters. 

    [Learn with growth, exchange knowledge, resource sharing, shaping leaders] Assisting the government in expanding national diplomacy has always been the philosophy and value of Global Federation of Chinese Business Woman. In the next two years, under the leadership of the chairwoman Alice Liu and her management team, it is believed that GFCBW will take its growth and achievement to the next level. Our sisters worldwide will continue to unite and bond in this garden full of intellectuality, sensibility and happiness. We will let the world rejoice in the presence of GFCBW!