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陳玲華/Karen Chen

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        2015年世華總會年會於美國洛杉磯舉行, 玲華稟持世華的傳承精神,抱著一顆學習心與挑戰的精神, 勇敢的承接此任務, 現回想起來,記憶猶新,歷歷在目.在這3天的年會與3天會後旅遊,前後共有15場次的會議、活動,從場地的佈置、公關、媒體、文宣、調度等等大小細微的工作, 全靠所有工作團隊的辛勞與合作而一一克服完成。

        看到全球姐妹齊聚一堂的盛會,著實讓我大開眼界也十分感動與敬佩, 感動的是參與者各個都是非常有成就忙碌的工商婦女, 要抽出寶貴的時間同聚一起實屬不易,姐妹們不論來自何處,見面時彼此噓寒問暖,互相交換意見,相知相惜.讓人倍感溫馨. 敬佩的是:上春總會長的指揮與運籌帷幄,工作團隊的分工與團結,才能將分佈於全世界50多個分會的組織串聯在一起. 這是多麼龐大煩索的工作量, 若不是有組織有系統的團體是無法完成的. 不僅讓玲華上了寶貴的一課,受益良多.也結識來自四方的豪傑,建立了真正的友誼,再次感謝所有工作團隊的無私奉獻與合作,順利完成任務,讓我也留下永難忘懷的回憶。

        承蒙姐妹們的愛戴與歷屆名譽總會長的提攜,讓玲華有機會擔任第九屆國際副總會長一職,倍感榮幸但也深覺任重道遠, 與往年不同的是今年是首次總會不在台灣,因此工作團隊的配合與操作更具挑戰性, 除了將盡所能輔佐黎淑瑛總會長, 扮演好副總會長的角色外, 也期許自己將下列幾點列為服務宗旨:

1. 增進世華美洲13個分會的聯繫與交流-- 不僅僅與總會保持直式的溝通與配合,更要強化橫式與美洲各分會的情誼、互動, 如此才能連接各點成線進而擴展成面, 凝聚向心力,團結力量大。

2. 加強協助美國東岸各分會的聯繫, 吸收各地菁英, 增加成立更多其他地區分會,讓世華的聚點能分佈全美各地, 以茁壯世華。

3. 跨出台灣,走向世界,組團 " 叩門之旅" -- 拜訪如美國國會山莊及雙橡園等地, 進入主流社會,增進台美關係, 帶領世華深入世界舞台,強化國際地位。

        讓我們攜手同為世華這片園地繼續的耕耘, 讓美麗的世華(花)於各地爭豔綻放,齊享甜美的果實, 姐妹們加油 !!

Vice Chairwoman   Karen Chen


Top Ten Global Outstanding Chinese Business Women by GFCBW American ADATA Technology Co., Ltd.President

Commissioner, Overseas Community Affairs Council GFCBW South California Chapter President

Top Ten Global Outstanding Chinese Business Women by GFCBW

Outstanding Chinese Women entrepreneur of Southern California by GFCBWSCC

Inherited, Cohesion, head to the World

        The 2015 Global Federation of Chinese Business Women Worldwide Conference was held last November in Los Angeles. Even though, I didn't have a lot of  experience, I boldly took on this enormous and challenging task. It was a great learning experience. Everything is still so vivid to this day. This event consisted of a three day conference and a three day tour. We had 15 meetings and various activities. We, the GFCBW, spent months preparing for the event and did whatever it took to make it memorable. The sisters were not only from the U.S.A., but also from other parts of the world. They shared their visions, experiences, and especially their friendship. I am so thankful for their dedication, cooperation, and love. I learned a very valuable lesson, which is, that without them, the mission impossible wouldn't be possible. Above all, we are friends forever.

        Thanks to our sisters and previous honorary presidents, I am the 9th  Global Vice

President.  I am so honored.  This year is the first time that our headquarter is outside

of Taiwan. I know that it's harder and more challenging to coordinate and carry out the operation from afar, but we will conquer all obstacles to make it run smoothly.

        As a Vice President, I will assist President Shu-Ying Li to the best of my abilities and take my job as VP seriously. Here are my objectives as vice president:

1. To enhance the interconnections and communications among the 13 branches in the Northern America: Not only will I keep strong coordination and communications with headquarter, but I will also strengthen the friendship and interactions between our branch associations.  Unity is Strength.

2. To reinforce the interactions among the U.S. East Coast branches, to recruit elite women, and to set up more branches all over the United States to make the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women Association stronger.

3. Stepping out of Taiwan, and going into the world, I will organize a tour called “Knock on the Door Tour” to visit places such as Capitol Hill and Twin Oaks in Washington D.C. amongst others. We will join main stream society, improve the Taiwan U.S. relationship, lead our association to enter the world stage and strengthen our global status.

        Let us join hands and make an effort to continue to cultivate our GFCBW community to bear sweeter and more beautiful fruits, and let GFCBW shine.Sisters, let's unite and go, go, go!