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Alice Liu


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郭秀梅/Karen Kuo-Limb

副總會長   郭秀梅


美國Macro International 公司  (since 1984) 總裁


世界華人工商婦女企管協會 (2014-2016) 副總會長

美國橙縣華人商會 (2013-14)會長; 基金會 (2015-18) 會長

美國南海岸中華文化協會 (2017-2018) 理事長


蒸蒸日上   永續傳承

真是非常可喜可賀從1994 到二十五年後的今天,世華已經是一個在全球擁有65 個分會的國際性社團。是「心懷世界」的宗旨讓我們從起步就有世界的榮觀在心中導航著。這其間有創會總會長、榮譽及每一位名譽總會長的真知灼見、奔走耕耘,和所有姊妹们胼手胝足、熱情參與,大家一步一腳印地宏揚世華。真是創業唯艱,守成不易,成長更是不容易。



第九屆黎淑瑛總會長是世華第一次嚐試以旅居國外成功的僑領婦女為總會長,同時也是第一次將任期從三年縮短為兩年,亦即所有的願景必須在兩年內加速完成。披星戴月的淑瑛總會長協同所有的副總會長、孟榆執行長及整個團隊已經成功地交出了亮眼的成績單。第十屆劉琍琦總會長是第三屆華冠獎得主,我們曾於2014-2016 並肩共為副總會長,而且因為琍琦總會長在南加州的業務,我們也偶能相聚。她是一個思路清晰、有條不紊,有理想、有執行力的成功女企業家,姊妹们對她有諸多期待。尤其現在世華日益壯大, 一切的人事也都變得比以前更複雜,相信制度的建立和鞏固將是我們最努力的目標之一。我也會儘全力來輔佐琍琦總會長,讓世華再創新猷 !  謹此並祝此次大會圓滿成功,姊妹们滿載而歸。

Global Vice President  Karen Kuo-Limb


Macro International (since 1984) in USA,  CEO

Top Ten Global Outstanding Chinese Business Women by GFCBW – 4th Hua-Guan Award Recipient

GFCBW, Global Vice President, 2014-2016

South Coast Chinese Cultural Association, Chairman, 2017-2018

Orange County Chinese American Chamber of Commerce Foundation, President, 2015-2018

Orange County Chinese American Chamber of Commerce, President, 2013-2014

GFCBW Southern California Chapter, President, 2012

Passing of the Torch    Prosperity Through Tradition

For the past 25 years, GFCBW has grown, expanded, and strengthened worldwide year after year. Currently, GFCBW is an international organization with 65 chapters globally. What has not changed since the establishment of GFCBW in 1994 has been the organization’s vision for a worldwide network.  As the Chinese saying “Maintaining a business is just as hard as founding it, but growth is the hardest of all”, our constant and steady growth has been achieved by the leadership of the Founding and the successive Honorary Global Presidents, as well as the participation and collaboration of all sisters.

What is most unique about GFCBW is the organization’s countless successful businesswomen. And as an international organization, GFCBW has facilitated meets and greets in various countries, allowing everyone to make friends with these outstanding women and learn more about their cultures and traditions. We have such a strong and united network that can support certain functions endorsed by our headquarters – this was demonstrated clearly by the ACC world tour in 2014 to provide and support African orphans.

As a woman-centric organization, most GFCBW members are either business owners or actively employed. As we all know, women face many more challenges than men do in business; for centuries, a woman’s role has been defined by tradition with major focus on family. GFCBW’s platform helps Chinese businesswomen connect and find support through friendship.

The 9th Global President of the GFCBW, Shu-Ying Li, was the first Global President based overseas. During her leadership, there is also a change in tenure (was three years) and together with her team she has accomplished so much in two years. The next Global President, Alice Liu, who excels in the industrial computer filed, was the 3rd Hwa Guan Award recipient and someone I have also had the pleasure to work alongside from 2014 to 2016 (we both were Global Vice President), and meet occasionally because of her subsidiary business in Irvine, California. Her intelligence, vision, and communication skills are all factors that will greatly benefit the organization. As GFCBW is constantly increasing in size and scale, I will do my very best to assist Global President Liu to make sure that GFCBW will only become even better.