總會長 陳阡蕙

Sherry Chen


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總會長 - 陳阡蕙/Chair woman - Sherry Chen

總會長 陳阡蕙



世界十大傑出華商婦女華冠獎 第一屆得主 

世界華人工商婦女企管協會總會第五、六、七屆 副總會長 

世界華人工商婦女企管協會總會第九屆 監事長 

世界台商聯合總會 副總會長 

非洲台商聯合總會 總會長 

Top International 投資集團 總裁 

世界華人工商婦女企管協會 第十屆副總會長

深耕世華 遇見幸福

二年前對全球《世華》姊妹的承諾與自我期許,如今已是落實的時刻!阡蕙如履薄冰般步步為營,一年前即先行安排把手中的要務囑託子女、家人,期許自己為《世華》二年全心投入, 而冥冥中似乎是老天爺的安排,因為COVID-19的疫情,自去年12月返台滯留台灣迄今,讓我有此機緣更熟悉《世華》的會務運作,也有時間全台跑透透,聽取分會姊妹們的心聲,了解姊妹們對《世華》這個大家庭的期許,而更清楚如何計劃未來!

加入《世華》20年來我最珍貴的收穫,就是「遇見幸福」!在這輩子許多認識的朋友中,有懂妳、愛妳、在乎妳的人,這就是最大的幸福,阡蕙必當本此初衷,加倍奉還!在組閣的過程中,每一位姊妹們的情義相挺,尤其讓我感激涕零!《世華》因為柯杜創會總會長瑞琴的鑑往知來,由於施郭榮譽總會長的前瞻遠見、林廖玉名譽總會長、黃淑慧名譽總會長、陳上春名譽總會的明確願景,再加上黎淑瑛名譽總會長、劉琍綺名譽總會長的使命必達,成就了如今的一片榮景!前輩們對阡蕙的期許與叮嚀,我一定銘記在心,絕絲毫不敢心存「前人種樹,後人 乘涼」的僥倖,有位友人告訴我要做好一件事就是要有「軟土種大樹,爛牌打到胡」的精神,剛柔並濟,永不放棄!

這次 Covid-19 疫情的蔓延,讓全世界共同按下了「暫停鍵」,讓我們也能再度沈思、反省「生命」的核心價值,同時也藉由無遠弗屆的網路,有了許多的創新,然而值得大家去探討的是「生命與工作」是否有不被取代的可能?除了「效率與金錢」之外,是不是還有其他的價值觀可以追尋?

願世華姊妹們個個都是有夢、有愛、有情、美麗的生命導師,謹記世華的宗旨「心懷世界、 掌握脈動、建立網絡、發展經貿」,期許在未來的兩年,與世華的全球姊妹們心手相連,一起努力再造新局,創造更多的平台,結合《世華》姊姊們的這股經濟實力,向著「花開百朵」的目標前進,期待「寰宇彩鳳、天地齊鳴」的盛況!


Chairwoman  Sherry Chen


The 2th to 4th Congressman of The Republic of South Africa 

The 1st winner of Top Ten Global Outstanding Chinese Business Women Award by GFCBW 

The 5th to 7th Vice Chairwoman of GFCBW 

The 9th Chief Supervisor of GFCBW 

Vice President of World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce 

President of World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in Africa 

CEO of Top International Investment Group 

The 10th Vice Chairwoman of GFCBW

Happening Upon Bliss through Immersion in GFCBW

The promise I made two years ago to GFCBW has finally come to pass! I have been carefully preparing for this moment, by gradually releasing my duties and functions back in South Africa to my children and family members so that I could focus solely on GFCBW for the next two years. And as if the universe willed it, due to COVID19, my extended stay in Taiwan since December last year, has allowed me the opportunity to become more familiar with the operations within GFCBW, to travel this beautiful island and meet members from around the country. I have been able to hear directly from members regarding their best hopes for GFCBW, which has allowed me to better prepare for our future. 

Since joining GFCBW 20 years ago, the biggest reward has been "Meeting Happiness"! To meet people in your lifetime that truly know you, love you, and care about you, is the greatest happiness. I am especially moved by the mutual support and love that I have experienced amongst all the GFCBW sisters. I am deeply indebted to all and hope to return this kindness double fold. 

GFCBW stands before you today strong and glorious, is due to none other than our Founder Mrs. Jui-Chin Ko Tu's invaluable experience, Honorary Chairwoman Mrs. Nancy Shih courageous, Former Chairwoman Mrs. Liao-Yu Lin Former Chairwoman Mrs. Shu-Hui Huang and Former Chairwoman Mrs.Teresa Chen's crystal clear vision, as well as Former Chairwoman Mrs. Shu-Ying Li and Former President Mrs. Alice Liu's unstoppable determination. I shall not disappoint my predecessors, but will heed their teachings, and continue in their spirit of hard work and dedication to this organization. 

With Covid-19 forcing the world to hit the "Pause" button, let us use the opportunity to contemplate and reflect on our lives and what we value in our lives. Although the internet has afforded us much connections and innovations, it also pushes us to explore the extent to which life and work are intertwined and whether each is replaceable by the other ? Other than productivity and monetary wealth, perhaps there are other more important pursuits? 

I wish for each GFCBW member to have dreams, love, kindness, and meaning in their lives, to remember our mission "to develop world economy and trade by networking and utilising the world's potential with our heart and soul". May we work together in the next two years to connect more GFCBW sisters around the world, combining all our talents and strengths to improve and grow our economic footprint, and look forward to a even more successful and prosperous GFCBW . 

Finally, please allow me to thank my team mates in advance for the next two years will require hard work and dedication, which I know I will receive from every member in the organization. My gratitude goes out again to all of the GFCBW sisters for your love and care, as well as the selfless dedication and support of the international consultants. I will always remember this kindness and will not forsake it. May we work together to cultivate wisdom and public welfare. I wish everyone peace, auspiciousness, happiness and health.