總會長 黎淑瑛

Chairwoman-Li, Shu Ying


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總會長 黎淑瑛/Chairwoman-Li, Shu Ying

總會長 黎淑瑛

美國聯合旅館投資管理公司 副總裁
世界華人工商婦女企管協會總會 總會長
中華民國僑務委員會 僑務委員
第三屆世界十大傑出華商婦女華冠獎 得主

謙卑學習 感恩奉獻 經貿交流 宏觀視野

[世華] 一個凝聚全球華商姊妹在一起的美麗園地,姐妹們謙卑,學習,感恩,奉獻!





Chairwoman - Shu Ying Li

Vice President of Allied Hospitality Inc., U.S.A.
Global Federation of Chinese Business Woman - Vice Chairwoman
Commissioner of Overseas Community Affairs Council, ROC (Taiwan) 
Top Ten Global Outstanding Chinese Business Woman by GFCBW
Consultant of International Leadership Foundation, Houston Chapter

Learn modestly / Have gratitude and sacrifice / Economic and trade exchanges / Expand perspective

[GFCBW] is a wonderful place to gather all of Chinese business women together and all sisters are humble, grateful and learning and dedicating themselves here. [GFCBW] is an international and excellent Chinese business women federation and all sisters conduct economic and trade exchanges and expand their perspectives.

[GLOBAL FEDERATION OF CHINESE BUSINESS WOMEN] has been set up for 23years and has 53 chapters worldwide. It is by no means easy. We thank to Mrs. Ko Tu Jui-Chin who wisely established this excellent women group and thank for several honorary presidents' efforts, including Lin Liao-Yu, Huang Shu-Hue, Shih Kuo Feng- Chu, Chen Shan-Chung, earnestly leading all sisters to continue the purpose of GFCBW, which is to cherish the world, grasp the pulse, set up the communication, develop the trade, so that GFCBW can flourish.

Thank you for all excellent sisters in the world who combine the global resources and help our government to enter the mainstream society and improve the visibility. The recipient in every conscientious election of the “Hua Kuang Award” for ten successful business women, the “Exemplary Couple Award” every year and fellow sisters' favorite “Hua Kuan Academy”, have shown the excellent strength of our group and the traditional virtue, so that we have become one of the international groups which our government attaches great importance to.

After I have won the prize of the 3rd Hua Kuan Award in 2007, I joined this big familyand have served for two consecutive terms of the vice chairwoman. I have visited every chapter around the world with previous chairwomen and learned the management of the group's affairs and relationship between the sisters, and also have held the economic forum leading by the winner of the Hua Kuan Award many times. And this year, I am prepared to take over the position of 9th president.

Thank you for all sisters' recognition and support. I will uphold the spirit of previous chairwomen in enhancing the connection with global chapters, strengthening the relationship of all fellow sisters, caring for charity activities, expanding the groups overseas, improving the visibility, gathering the most excellent business resources, entering the mainstream society and advancing the status of Chinese people.

Because I have lived in the America for many years, I am honored to be the first chairwoman that was elected overseas. There will be some adjustment for many group operation and work assignment. I would like to thank for the staff of 9th year to give me the greatest assistance and cooperation. Thank to sisters' supports and encouragement around the world. Your supports make me move forward. Let us get united and work harder to reach another peak for GFCBW. [I love GFCBW and GFCBW loves me.]