總會長 黎淑瑛

Chairwoman-Li, Shu Ying


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創會總會長/Founding President

創會總會長 柯杜瑞琴

世界華人工商婦女企管協會【1996~2004年】 總會長
世界十大傑出華商婦女「華冠獎」選拔 創辦人

台茂關係企業 董事長
立安東化工(股)有限公司 董事
財團法人明光基金會 董事長





Founding President Jui-Chin Tu Ko

President of Oriental Silicas Corp. GFCBW 1996-2004 Chairwoman.
Women's Federation of the Republic of China. 
The Founder of Top Ten Global Outstanding Chinese Business Women by GFCBW 
Head Consultant of Sports Federation of the Republic of China.
Head Consultant of General Counsel of the R.O. C. President of Foundation of Mingguang

What a Powerful yet Charming International Women's Organizatipn

  I established the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women in 1994. For over twenty-three years, it has been transferring of undertakings of the leadership by the former and current Chairwomen to follow our organization's mission, expending our organization's business, combining with the global overseas Chinese Women entrepreneurs all over the world to set up the chapters, there are 53 chapters which have been established spanning across three (3) oceans and six (6) continents now. In addition, in order to honor those outstanding Chinese Business Women, I instituted the first (1st) “Hua Kuang Award” in 2001, honoring the World's Top Ten Outstanding Chinese Women Entrepreneurs, by inviting the supreme leaders, the Presidents or Vice Presidents of the Republic of China, to come to the award ceremonies to present the Hua Kuang Award to the Awardees. From then till now, the “Hua Kuang Award” has entered its sixth (6th) time in 2016. We also make a strict selection of seventy outstanding elite award winners of Hua Kuang Award to establish the Hua Kuang Award Winners Club. Combining the strength of successful business women, our organization makes a huge impact on the advancement of community services, on the enhancement of the exchange of business opportunities and on the communication closely with the mainstream politicians and business persons, and on the promotion of our country's 16 economic prosperity and development. Our organization's success has proven to be wonderful asset and contributing factor to the country's prosperity, and further enhances the importance of the country's role in the international community.

  The 8th Chairwoman, Mrs. Teresa S. C. Cheng, left us a strong impression in the way she led the organization. She made great contributions to our organization; not only putting the good efforts into organizing activities, but also into establishment of Global Chapters, among the many admirable things that she left behind. She also devoted a lot of efforts in preparation of the upcoming 6th “Hua Kuang Award” in 2016. She is a role model and respectful Chairwoman who had made a lot of contributions to our organization.

  Mrs. Shu-Ying Li, elected with unanimous support to become the 9th Chairwoman of our organization, is a brilliant person. Not only is she talented and gifted in so many areas, but she is also a truly virtuous woman, who is an outstanding and successful women entrepreneur. During the last 6 years as being the Vice Chairman of our organization for the two terms, she communicated closely with the mainstream politicians and business persons, actively invited domestic and international female entrepreneurs to set up the chapters, assisted the ROC's government to promote the development of national and foreign affairs, and enhanced the global visibility of the ROC. She has a very high social and economic status who devoted the big efforts for the public welfare. Under her leadership, I foresee that she will carry forward and enhance the missions of our organization, “Envisioning the World; Embracing the Trend; Establishing Networks; and Developing Economy and Trade”, gather strength of the global Chinese business women, promote the friendship between each other, and enhance the international macro view of Chinese business women, promote all the aspects of their global competitiveness and social status, and I am sure that she is very capable to make a positive influence and contribution.