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緣起沿革/Backgroind and History


●西元1994年6月19曰,本會創會理事長周文璣女士(前明星花露水董事長)於美國舊金山創立「世界中華工商婦女企管協會」,期盼結合全球工商婦女之智慧,強化國際資訊交流, 促進工商經濟發展,並協助政府推動國民外交。
















●西元2011年2月北德州分會之復會; 2月成立「亞利桑那分會」第38個分會; 5月成立「紐西蘭分會」第39個分會; 9月成立「大台中分會」第40個分會。

●西元2012年4月成立「北加州分會」第41個分會; 8月成立「拉斯維加斯分會」第42個分會; 12月成立「大台南分會」第43個分會。


●西元2013年 10月陳上春女士接任第八屆總會長,『凝聚、以學習、成長、互惠、分享、互榮』為核心價值,創造全球世華版圖。

●西元 2015 年 7 月成立「大桃園分會」第 49 個分會;11月「阿根廷分會」復會;12月成立「新北市分會」第50個分會。

●西元2016年4月成立「台北市華星分會」第51個分會; 8月成立「台中市華鳳分會」第52個分會; 10月成立「越南分會」第53個分會。



Our federation was formally founded in 1994 , of which organization spanned three main oceans and five major continents. All the members in the federation were elites of Chinese businesswomen. The organization had established chapters ever since, of which background and history are listed as follows:

●On June 19, 1994 , Mrs Wen-Chi Chou, founder of GFCBW (Chairperson of former Ming- Shing Blossom Perfume Co.) established "The Global Chinese Federation of Business Women" in San Francisco, in hopes of uniting the wisdom of global businesswomen, facilitating the exchange of international information, promoting development of business and economy, and assisting our government to promote citizen diplomacy.

●On October 2, 1996, Mrs Ko Tu Jui Chin assumed the position as the second Chairperson.

●On November 19, 1997 ,Mrs Ko Tu Jui Chin renamed the organization as "Global Federation of Chinese Business Women" and filed the application to the Ministry of the Interior of Taiwan for official registration, the federation became the first Taiwan-based global association for businesswomen, with the mission: "envisioning the world; embracing the trend; establishing networks; and developing economy and trade.”

●In April 1998, Mrs Ko Tu Jui Chin assumed the first Chairperson (third term) of the renamed organization and invited Wen-Hui Tseng, the wife of President Teng-Hui Lee, as Honorary Chairperson. Meanwhile, founder of GFCBW, Mrs Wen-Chi Chou was granted the position as Permanent Honorary Chairperson

●In November 1998, the name and emblem of this federation have formally been registered 05 and approved by the Bureau of Central Standard, Ministry of Economics of Taiwan. In the same year, it was registered in Washington D.C., U.S., a procedure that officially stipulated the rights and obligations for the members' using of the name and emblem of this organization.

●In 1999, Houston Mayor Dr. Lee P. Brown set May 1st as "the Global Chinese Federation of Business Women Day" and granted an honorary certificate to this federation.

●On October 20, 2000, Mrs Ko Tu Jui funded The Chinese Business Women Republic of China and was brought into this Federation as group member.

●In February 2001 , the scope of GFCBW spanned three main oceans and five major continents in the world and the organization was applied to Ministry of the Interior of Taiwan for official registration as an international association. Mrs Ko Tu Jui Chin continued to renew her term of office as the fourth Chairperson or GFCBW and invited Mrs Cecilia Y. Koo as Honorary Consultant.

●In October 2001 , Chairperson Ko Tu Jui Chin established "Hua Kuang Award for World Top 10 Outstanding Chinese Women Entrepreneurs," which elected 10 prominent women as winners of the award once in three years.

●In 2003 , Interior Minister of South Africa - Prince Mangosuthu G. Buthelezi paid a visit to Taiwan and made a speech hosted by this Federation, a move aiming to enhance interaction between both nations and promote Transit without Visa for our citizens who travel to South Africa.

●In October 2004, Mrs Liao-Yu Lin assumed as the position as the fifth Chairperson. At the same year, the position "Chairperson" was renamed as "Chief President" in line with the practice of international communities.

●In September 2007, Vice President Shu-Huei Huang helped to open the 35th chapter The First Taipei Chapter of Global Federation of Chinese Business Women, in order to recruit more excellent businesswomen.

●In October 2007, Mrs Shu-Huei Huang assumed the position as the sixth Chief President and set the goals of federation development as learning and growing, experience exchanging, resources sharing, leader cultivating, and citizen diplomacy promoting, so as to strengthen the bond of relationship of our global businesswomen.

●In 2008 , Chief President Shu-Huei Huang founded "Hua Kuang Training Camp", aiming to sharpen economic competitiveness of our top businesswomen and transform GFCBW as a learning type of organization

●In June 2009 , our 36th chapter , the second Taipei chapter of Global Federation of Chinese Business Women was founded, with a goal to rally businesswomen's power and to broaden their horizon.

●In October 2010, Mrs. Feng Chu Shih Kuo has taken up the 7th chairwoman. In order to expand the organization, Mrs. Feng Chu Shih Kuo helped set up new branches actively and established the firmer base of development.

●In February 2011, the North Texas Chapter was restored.

●2011, the 38th Arizona Chapter of GFCBW , the 39th New Zealand Chapter , and the 40th Greater Taichung Chapter was established.

●2012, the Northern California Chapter of GFCBW , the 42th Las Vegas Chapter , the 43th Greater Tainan Chapter, the 44th Greater Kaohsiung Chapter of GFCBW was established.

●2013, GFCBW of the 45th Chicago Chapter , the 46th Vancouver Chapter, the 47th Singapore Chapter, the 48th Mauritius Chapter of GFCBW was established.

●In October 2013, Mrs. Chen has taken up the 8th chairwoman, who is aiming to internationalized the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women based on the core values of “gathering, learning, growing up, reciprocal, sharing, mutually glorious”.

●2015, the Greater Taoyuan Chapter of GFCBW was established.

●In November 2015, the Argentina Chapter was restored.

●2015, the 50th New Taipei City Chapter , the 51th Chinese Star Chapter , and the 52th Taichung Hua Fong Chapter of GFCBW was established.

●In October 2016, the 53th Vietnam Chapter was established.

In March 2017, the 57th Johor Chapterr  , the 58th   Kuala Lumpur Chapter, and the 59th Montreal Chapter of GFCBW was established.

In August 2017, the 60th Atlanta Chapter , and the 61th Japan Kansai Chapter of GFCBW was established.